Husky Data

Husky Data resources are directly accessible from any UConn campus and UConn Health.

Off-campus access requires Pulse Secure VPN to be installed and connected. Click here for instructions. 

Leadership Dashboards

Leadership Dashboards are customized data dashboards developed specifically for senior decision makers.                                                                                                                                                                                .

Power User Access

Power User Access allows users to import data, explore data, build custom charts and graphs, and export reports. This access is available to those who have completed Power User training. Please email us to register for Power User training.

Husky Data Portal*

The Husky Data Portal visualizes academic measures like enrollments, progress measures, faculty productivity, applications, admissions, graduation, and alumni data. It is available to anyone with an active UConn NetID.

Support Resources

Several resources are available to help users, including videos, written user guides, a student enrollment data dictionary, and our confidentiality agreement.


* When using the Husky Data Portal, please log out before switching to the Leadership Dashboards or Power User Access.


Questions, technical support, or to request Power User training: 860.486.6464 |

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